Project Description



We produce directly all our articles after having drawn and projected them.

We are able to supply with any kind of equipment relating to gaming field according to a customer’s project or developing our design.

We would be very pleased to have you as our guests in order to offer you the opportunity to follow in which way from the raw material, through a series of workings, we can obtain the finished product. In our design office you will have the change to submit some new ideas which will be converted into the final article.

In our work we principally take care of the realization of European and American roulettes, tables and layouts in wool and microfine, colour and value chips, European style plaques (rectangular, oval and square) and jetons having different sizes and importance degrees according to the value represented and security required.

We make our professional articles for casino since 1976. Our best reference is represented by the satisfaction shown by the casinos supplied and by the pleasure we feel carrying out our deliveries within the terms established taking care of the quality in all its details.

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