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We are located in Greater Lisbon at the heart of all decision-making and communication.
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Redgame Ltd is a young and dynamic company committed to make the difference in the Portuguese gaming market. Redgame is a leading distributor of advanced gaming technologies and systems.

We are a team of experienced professionals with a combined system know-how and market experience of over 15 years. Our aim is to anticipate and respond to the needs of the European gaming market and bring to the major decision making process young entrepreneurs, who are known for their product competence and dynamic business skills.

The top gaming industry buyers insist on Redgame because they know we represent world leading suppliers and bring inventive and dynamic solutions to their new projects and challenges.

Allied to the gaming industry Redgame also supplies cash handling machines to count notes and coins and detect counterfeit money.

Redgame majors in the digitisation of historical documents.

We have leading and varied hardware solutions for the digitisation of archived, fragile and precious documents. Redgame solutions help prevent documents suffering deterioration which could diminish their national historical and informational value.

Specialist equipment will scan original documents on paper and microfilm allowing the original to be safely preserved whilst making the richness of the Portuguese historical collections available to worldwide researchers.

To name some of the obvious things in their to-do listing, they have classes, extracurricular activity, part-time job, television research paper review shows, celebrations, and many others.

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